How to setup your own domain (.com) and use our FREE landing pages to earn even more money promoting Auto Cash Machine

( Click above to see the video on how to do it step-by-step easy )

Use these 5 simple steps:

1. Get your own DOMAIN (your very own .com or .net on the web!)

There are countless reasons why this is a benefit to you. The #1 reason is that search engines like Google won't allow all the same domains being promoted. Having your own domain makes you unique and ensures you'll get traffic. It's also good for placing on your business card to give out to make profits offline!

Use NameBoy and place in keywords to generate a domain that is available. Write it down. Then, order it through here.

2. Get your own hosting to bring your own pages online (coupons limited)

This is where you will place up your web pages to be shown when people go to your domain. Very simple to connect by adding your host's nameserver address to your domain admin panel.

Next... you will download our landing pages here....


Make certain to read the "README" file which shows you how to configure the landing page so that it automatically embeds your affiliate ID (it's just changing one line - nothing complicated!), tracking your customers right from the start.

4.Upload the entire set of pages and image files contained inside to your host connected with your own domain. Ready to go live.

5. Now, just send the traffic via our campaigns and our salesletter and proof will take care of the rest - making you over $151.20 per sale that you refer - which is highly profitable for you.

New Secret Tip: Create your own SQUEEZE PAGE. It may even be worth your time to create your own landing page with your own mailing list for your new domain. Our pre-made landing page only hooks into our mailing list to repeatedly sell to the referred customer and help you convert and get credited. However, if you have your own, you are now in 100% control. You may use our pre-made one's HTML and modify it however you wish!

Add your own auto-responder series where you are now building your own email list to promote Auto Cash Machine repeatedly by mailing to them! Here is an example mailing, you can slot in your autoresponder follow-up series => here.

Get your own autoresponder here for your domain

*Trick* If you must direct link:

If you still only want to direct link, then what you can do is DOMAIN FORWARDING AND MASKING.

Very simple and I've done it all the time since I can be a bit lazy sometimes ;)

I always go buy a domain that has something of my main keyword in it. Then, I go to my domain manager and click on the "Forward tab". There I copy and paste my affiliate link. I click on 301. Then I go to the masking tab and click on masking enable.

Then I wait 5 minutes so it gets set up. Now, I can use my own domain without needing a landing page, and search engines like Google still recognize me as a unique domain, guaranteeing me traffic!.

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